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Knebworth House - 5.65 miles
The Lytton family have lived at Knebworth for 500 years. Queen Elizabeth 1 stayed here, Charles Dickens acted in private theatricals in the House and Winston Churchill's painting of the Banqueting Hall hangs in the room where he painted it. A walk through the House is a walk through history. Robert Lytton, Viceroy of India, proclaimed Queen Victoria Empress of India in 1877. Constance Lytton, militant suffragette, fought for votes for women in the early 1900s. Originally a red-brick Tudor manor house, it was transformed in 1843 into the Gothic fantasy we see today, with turrets, griffins and gargoyles. Interior rooms contrast the Gothic works of John Crace with the 20th Century designs of Sir Edwin Lutyens and other eras.

We are pleased to offer a discounted membership at the superbly equipped gym and fitness centre directly opposite the hotel.

For those who enjoy golf, please enquire at reception for details.

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