The Lord Lister Hotel was originally a Wool comber's House built in the late 18th Century, and was owned by Thomas Williams. It later became a Quaker school known as the Isaac Brown Academy and many of our eminent 19th century scientists were educated there.

The most famous of these was Joseph Lister who pioneered sterile operations and became known as the 'father of antiseptics'.

The school was partially burnt down by fire in 1845, it was rebuilt and the top floor was probably added at that time.

The frontage has remained unchanged from that period and is a fine example of early Victorian architecture. The house was renamed Scott House in 1887, until it became the Lister House Hotel in 1930.

The cellars are very old and there is reputed to be a tunnel from them, across to the nearby Carmelite monastery, The Hitchin Priory.

The Triangle - Hitchin